The Money

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A Kaleider production. Conceived and Directed by Seth Honnor

The Money is Kaleider’s hit showgame that has toured to 5 continents and played at such charged and prestigious venues as Sydney Opera House, UK Houses of Parliament, Lagos City Hall, Lisbon City Hall, Victoria Parliament, City of London’s Guildhall, Tianjin’s Grand Theatre and many others.

2018 marks the beginning of a new partnership with brilliant Paris based producers Ligne Directe who are kicking off an international tour in August.  We’ll keep you updated here as dates come in!


How to Play

Become a Player by donating as much as you can. Work with other Players to decide what to spend the group’s money on. You have 1 hour to come to a decision. If you don’t decide unanimously in the allotted time you relinquish your privilege to spend the money and the money rolls over to the next group of Players.

If you’re the quiet observing type you can become a Silent Witness and watch as the group of Players attempt to decide how to spend the money they’ve donated. And if you want to voice your opinion you can always become a Player and buy your way in.

Spend the money on whatever you want. Be as creative as you like.


The Show and Context

We describe The Money as a “context specific” show. We try to site it in places of civic decision making. Ideally it is sited in the place of decision making for the community that will make up its audience. So this might be a Town Hall, City Chamber, or a Guildhall. The show works less well in blank spaces.

It has worked best to date at Houses of Parliament, and Exeter Guildhall – a building in which civic decisions have been made for around 10 centuries. Exeter Council still hold public meetings there. The gravitas of the space itself is important.

The show is an immersive experience. However, we borrow the real world of the space it is sited in to immerse, rather than dressing a space to create a fiction. In all other ways it should be treated as an immersive show. i.e. if something or someone is inside the space they are inside the show.

People booking for The Money can choose to be a Player or a Silent Witness.

To become a Player they pay minimum of £10 (this can change depending on currency) but as much as they like. (People often pay more).

To become a Silent Witness they simply buy a ticket at a set price (higher than the minimum of £10).



A Kaleider Production

Conceived and Directed by Seth Honnor

Collaborating Artist: Alice Tatton-Brown

Production Manager: Jay Kerry

Current Performers: Olivia Winteringham, Gemma Paintin, Angie Bual, Kelly Marie Miller, Ria Hartley, Hanora Kamen.

Previous Performers: Alice Tatton-Brown, Frankie Snowdon, Peter Vanderford, Jonny Rowden, Emily Williams (also producer 2013 – 2016), and the late Paul Bull.


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