The Money®

Available for Touring

A group of complete strangers has 60 minutes to agree how to spend a pot of real cash. If the Players run out of time, then the money rolls over to the next show. If they agree, then they get to take the money away and spend it. 

But, the watching audience can buy their way in at any moment, right up until the last second, and that can change everything…


The Stage

Tense, unpredictable and resonant, with the potential for sudden reversals and radical acts of kindness


The Daily Telegraph

A fiendish clever show, that tests your generosity


The Guardian

This deceptively simple piece is definitely on the money. It turns conversation into urgent, playful theatre

Matt Trueman

The best piece of game-theatre I’ve encountered

Lyn Gardner

As much drama in the unfolding scenario as there is in any play you've ever seen


North West End UK

A playful urgent piece of interactive theatre


Broadway World

My faith in strangers was restored

The Age Melbourne

The Money could be the greatest reality TV show that hasn’t happened yet

The Money has been performed on 5 continents…

…and in some of the world’s most prestigious venues including Sydney Opera House, UK Houses of Parliament, Lagos City Hall, Lisbon City Hall, Melbourne’s Victoria Parliament, City of London’s Guildhall, Tianjin’s Grand Theatre and many more.

Most recently, Eleanor Lloyd Productions, Eilene Davidson Productions and Kate Pakenham Productions presented Kaleider’s THE MONEY Live at London’s County Hall from 26th May – 3rd July 2021.


How to Play

Become a Player by donating as much as you can. Work with other Players to decide what to spend the group’s money on. You have 1 hour to come to a decision. If you don’t decide unanimously in the allotted time you relinquish your privilege to spend the money and the money rolls over to the next group of Players.

If you’re the quiet observing type you can become a Silent Witness and watch as the group of Players attempt to decide how to spend the money they’ve donated. And if you want to voice your opinion you can always become a Player and buy your way in.

Spend the money on whatever you want. Be as creative as you like.


A Kaleider Production

Conceived and Directed by Seth Honnor

Collaborating Artist: Alice Tatton-Brown

Touring production Manager: Jay Kerry

Current and past performers: Laila Diallo, Lucy Cassidy, Seeta Patel, Gemma Paintin, Jessica MacDonald, Olivia Winteringham, Angie Bual, Kelly Marie Miller, Ria Hartley, Hanora Kamen, Alice Tatton-Brown, Frankie Snowdon, Peter Vanderford, Jonny Rowden, Emily Williams (also producer 2013 – 2016), and the late Paul Bull.


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