Fish Mobile

Available for Touring

Transform your skyline.

A giant, breathtaking kinetic sculpture creates a moment of joy and reflection in public space. Next to the installation, people are invited to make their own small mobile to take the experience home. 

Fish Mobile premiered in Clifton Park, Rotherham July 26 – 28, 2022.
Fish Mobile premiers internationally at Fira Tàrrega September 8 – 10, 2023.


Available for international touring 2024

Book Fish Mobile to transform your outdoor venue or city with a beautiful and playful kinetic work.

Please get in touch with Kaleider Producer, Jocelyn S Mills if you want to discuss bringing Fish Mobile to you and your audiences:

What is Fish Mobile?

Giant kinetic sculpture

A giant balancing mobile hangs in public space, inviting people to stand or sit underneath it for as long as they like, to watch fish swim in the sky. Standing 70 metres tall, Fish Mobile transforms the skyscape with its gentle movement. 

Fish mobile workshop

In a tent next to the installation, people of all ages make their own small fish mobile to take home. The workshop is fun and free. It includes a printing press and is facilitated by staff.


Audiences can send in pictures and videos of their finished fish mobiles via our social channels @kaleider. 


What people say about Fish Mobile

“It is so beautiful how it moves slightly in the the wind”

“This was so calming and chill!!!”

“The main piece was amazing and hearing it is being toured is even better. Really enjoyed making my little version.”

“I really like that it’s something completely different that’s never been done before.”

“All 3 grandchildren loved it.”

“I liked how it left me wondering about it after I’d left”

“I had the best day. Thank you”


Click on the following links to download the documents:

Easy Read in pdf

Easy Read in Word

Audio Description in mp3

Audio Description in Word

This is a relaxed experience in public space. There are no additional lights or sounds. There is a massive crane that will raise and lower the giant fish mobile throughout the day so expect some mechanical noises from the crane.

We are very happy to customise access documents for each promotor’s venue, location and language.


Conceived and directed by Seth Honnor.

Head of production: Fiona Rourke.

Lead producer: Katie Keeler.

Rotherham Creative Producers team: Ace Smith, Mitchell Nuttall, Maltiti Musah-Razak, Eleanor Beever, Christopher Badger.

Fish Mobile is supported by IN SITU, the European platform for artistic creation in public space, in the frame of the project (UN)COMMON SPACES, co-funded by the European Union.

We couldn’t have done this without

The courage and conviction of Leanne Buchan and Rotherham Children’s Capital of Culture to commission a new work of this scale.

The encouragement and support of the In Situ network and Freedom Festival Arts Trust.

The fantastic efforts of the entire Kaleider team.

Fish Mobile is commissioned by Rotherham Council for Children’s Capital of Culture, supported by South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority and the European Union European Development Fund.

Co-commissioned by Fira Tàrrega.