A Portrait Without Borders

Available for Touring

Kaleider crowdsources hundreds of faces through a bespoke online platform, and then a team of robots draws them on a blank wall. Perfect for galleries, empty spaces, shop fronts and conferences. A mural of people next to each other, together and yet apart.

This is the sibling project to Robot Selfie, where a robot paints pictures of the public, live, outdoors, in public space.


Available for international touring 2022/23

Book A Portrait Without Borders for your venue, city, or context. It’s affordable to freight and we can work with you to make an extraordinary event without our team needing to travel.

It’s covid safe, and can engage both an online and local live audience.

Please get in touch with Kaleider Producer, Jocelyn Mills if you want to discuss bringing Portrait to you and your audiences: jocelyn@kaleider.com

How it works

1. Draw

First we have to draw the public. To do this we create a bespoke website for each promoter at portraitwithoutborders.live/<your place or city>

On that site the public are invited to have their selfies drawn by our non-learning AI. It is easy, accessible, fun, and free to take part.

A screengrab of a website showing a toggle button toggled to "enable camera" below which is photographic image of a woman smiling. A screengrab of a website showing a toggle button toggled to "enable camera" below which is a line drawing of woman smiling.

2. Share

When they’re happy with their drawing they submit it to us. Everyone who submits a selfie get’s a copy sent to them to print at home… or to use as a social media profile pic!

3. Watch the robots draw live

We then send a compilation of faces to our robots which draw them. We can draw for between 1 day and several weeks, depending on the context.

As well as being able to watch the robots draw live, we set up a live stream to portraitwithoutborders.live so that people can take part from anywhere in the world.

Definitely worth it. Being part of a bigger something, while enjoying the #FreedomFestival2020 at home, has been great. Thanks @kaleider for always provoking me to think deeper and glance sideways to catch the truth. Xx


Click on the following links to download the documents:

Easy Read in pdf

Easy Read in Word (docx)

Audio Description in mp3

We are happy to customise access documents for each promotor’s venue, location and language.

Commissioned by

Freedom Festival Arts Trust.

Supported by Digital Democracies and IN SITU.

Part of the Creative Europe funded IN SITU Network ‘ACT’ 2017-2020 as an international collaborative project in response to Covid-19.

Kaleider is an associated member of IN SITU, the European platform for artistic creation in public space, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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