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Arch is an attempt to build a freestanding arch, made two thirds of concrete and one third of ice.

Deceptive in its simplicity, Arch unfolds as a surprising emotional journey. An exquisite combination of breath, heart, and muscle entangle with the perpetual inevitability of collapse.


I was just heartbroken and satisfied within a matter of minutes.” – Audience quote

Touching audiences with themes of death, renewal, and hope, this work also points towards the extraordinary, yet flawed, systems humans create: language, economies, architectures, democracies – and, inevitably, to the impact of these systems on our ecological system, and on ourselves.

Known for building temporary communities in his work, Director Seth Honnor creates a world of human endeavour, hope, and loss. Arch gathers our minds and hearts, inviting us to bear witness to something we cannot command. Like in Seth’s other work, Arch gently asks questions of all of us, of our roles and our responsibilities.


“Profoundly moved by today’s R&D sharing of Arch, new work from @kaleider – I felt such a shared commitment to witness human effort.” – Audience quote

In what could be described as a kind of “installation opera,” a languageless score by Verity Standen holds and moves us through a relentlessly physical performance; at times meditative, and at others arresting and highly charged.

We can tell you what happens in this work: you will witness two people attempt to build a freestanding arch in ice and concrete whilst a beguiling vigil of voices holds your attention. What is less straightforward is to tell you how it will make you feel – only that it will.


“The sharing yesterday will be one of the highlights of my time at the [National Theatre] studio and something I’ll remember for the rest of my life!

It was utterly captivating second to second, and theatre in its cleanest and most profound distillation.” – Rachel Twigg, Head of Studio, National Theatre Studio

2024 International Tour.

Arch is on tour in 2024, including its international and UK premieres. See all tour dates here

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Arch will be different each time it is presented. We are very happy to customise access documents for each promotor’s venue, location and language.


Arch is a Kaleider Production

Conceived and Directed by Seth Honnor

Executive Producer: Katie Keeler

Musical Director: Verity Standen

Dramaturg: Tanuja Amarasuriya

Movement Consultant: Laila Diallo

Lighting Designer: Nao Nagai

Production Manager: Jay Kerry

Producers: Irene Urrutia, Jocelyn Mills

Performers: Aminita Francis, David Ridley, Ellian Showering, Irene Urrutia, Kate Huggett, Kate Smith, Katie Keeler, Miryam Solomon, Nao Nagai, Seth Honnor, Verity Standen

Arch is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Arch research and development is supported by IN SITU, the European platform for artistic creation in public space, in the frame of the project UN(COMMON) SPACES, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, and supported by Freedom Festival Arts Trust.

Arch was developed with the support of the National Theatre’s Generate programme.

Arch is co-commissioned by Theater op de Markt.

Citizen Commissioners

Arch is backed by individual donors who supported Kaleider to make and bring this artwork into the world.

Robbie Stamp
Bronwen Townsend
Charlie Tapp
Katherine Stevens
Lorna Rose
Hugh McCann
Nikki Milican
Jay Milling
Fee Hudson Francis
Richard Dufty
Clare Reddington
Anne Townsend
Jan W
Susie and Ian
Catherine Cartwright
Sammy Payne
Michael and Mary Vanderford
Lucy Cassidy
Kate McStraw
Giorgos Katsogridakis
Jo Verrent
Matthew Austin
Martin Zierold
Danielle Rose
Isabelle Tracy
Willmott Family
Christina Poulton
Evie Cotton
Rachel Twigg
Annette Mees
Jo L
Stephen Hodge
Mikey Martins

Micha Colombo
Viv Harris
Cathy K
Kate Yedigaroff
Gill Loats
Mel Scaffold
Ruth Holdsworth
Rachel Chen
Sarah Dickenson
The B-J's
Gareth Keeler
Anna Piana
Daniel Pitt
Kate H
Ruairi Fullam
Katie Day
Nicky Lavery
Lizzie Philps
Michelle Dickson
Lina B. Frank
Roger Watson
Tom Abba
Mair Bosworth
Bella Oenman
Emma Benning
Claire Stewart
Bronwyn Purvis
Dom Kippin
Melissa B
Clare Robertson
Judith Lynes
Brent Birder
Sarah Branson
Cat Spector
Robert Frith
Sherlock Frith

Anwyn Frith
Quinn Frith
Charlotte and Phil Corden
Sarah Kingswell
Adam Adler
Fiona R
Naomi Wright
Amy Woodhouse
Annie Blanchette
Jacob Tomlinson
Sita Calvert - Ennals
Madeline Shann
Andy Wood
Karen Stamp
Emma Powell
Kathy Hinde
Herman Castaneda
Emma McFarland
Katie Villa
Carolyn Winter
Angela D
Guy N.
Neil Butler
Heather Pasfield
Marina O'Shea
Garry and Naomi Fabian Miller
Sud Basu
Natalie and Mike Stamp
Beth Brewer

Janet and Lou
Elizabeth Connell
Irene Ank
Kate Pullinger
Laura Giles
Ann Dodson
Nick Triggs
Anka Djordjevic
James Moore
John S
For Luke
Graeme Parish
Eva Bubla
Nicki McCaskie
Mary Loveday
Christopher Badger
Janet Simoneaux
Michael Honnor
Anna Ollard
Nicky Birch
Gill Wildman
Hilary Knight
Kerry Honnor
All The Capybaras
Ricca Kawai and Fujiko Nakaya
Margaret Schroeder
Amy Harting

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