Tour Dates

More dates for 2023 coming soon


What will we do after the fall?

3 March, R&D Sharing, National Theatre Studio, London, UK

18 September, Research and Development, Atelier 231, Rouen, France


Fish Mobile

Transform your skyline

8 – 10 September, Fira Tàrrega, Tarrega, Spain

3 – 4 September, Rotherham Show, Rotherham

26 – 28 July, Rotherham


Let's Twist

Twist and shape Kaleider's cardboard sculptures

2-3 September, UK Premiere, Rotherham Show, Rotherham, UK

2-3 September, Freedom Festival, Hull, UK


Robot Selfie

Submit your selfie to be painted by a robot

13 – 16 October, Teatro Sardegna, Sardinia, Italy

8 – 11 September, Fira Tàrrega, Tarrega, Spain

18 – 21 August, SO Festival, Skegness, UK

2 – 5 March, The Catalyst Community Spectacular, University of Staffordshire, with Appetite, Stoke-On-Trent, UK

22 – 25 February, Rotherham Skate and Arts Festival, Rotherham, UK

17th – 20th May 2021, UK Premier at Norfolk & Norwich Festival, Norwich, UK
28th – 31st May 2021, Brighton Festival, Brighton, UK
19th – 22nd July 2021, Same But Different, Worcester, UK
10th – 11th September 2021, Greenwich and Docklands International Festival, Woolwich, UK.

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The Time It Takes

Falling to stillness

1 – 7 October, BASE Milano, Milan, Italy


The Money

Kaleider's international hit showgame

21 – 22 October, Teatro Sardegna, Sardinia, Italy

22 September – 1 October, The Flynn, Vermont, United States

May 26th – July 3rd London’s County Hall
14th – 15th February 2020, Théâtre de Lorient, Lorient, France

13th June 2020, CANCELLED Camden Council Chambers, Roundhouse, London, UK

The Money touring dates were put on hold in 2020 due to COVID-19.

22nd – 23rd February 2019, Zona K, Milan, Italy

29th – 30th March 2019, IETM, The Guildhall, Hull UK

21st November 2019, Strike A Light, Gloucester Cathedral

  • Taipei Arts Festival, Taipei
  • Norderzon Performing Arts Festival, Groningen, The Netherlands
  • Dublin City Council Chamber, Dublin Fringe Festival, Ireland
  • Compagnietheater, European Cultural Foundation, Amsterdam
  • The Great Hall, Dartington, Devon
  • Sydney Opera House, Antidote Festival
  • ITV pilot
  • Theatre de la Ville, Paris – British Embassy
  • AUAWIRLEBEN, Bern, Switzerland
  • Out&About Festival, Bern, Switzerland
  • Empresa de Gestão e Animação Cultural, Portugal
  • Lagos Theatre Festival
  • Melbourne Festival, Australia
  • Pergine Specttacolo Apert, Italy
  • International Festival of Arts and Ideas, New Haven Connecticut, USA
  • Quaterhouse, Folkstone
  • Deptford Town Hall
  • C4 Pilot
  • Hull Guildhall
  • Tianjin, China
  • Cambridge Junction
  • Margate Museum
  • The Toll House, Great Yarmouth
  • London Guildhall
  • Manchester Town Hall & Wills Memorial Building (Bristol)
  • City Chambers, Edinburgh
  • Houses of Parliament
  • Battersea Arts Centre
  • Exeter Guildhall
  • Exeter Guildhall
  • Mayfest, Bristol
  • Exeter Guildhall

About The Money

A Portrait Without Borders

Wall-drawing robots create a mural of a city's residents to bring us together.

22 April – 2 July, Ithra, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

22 – 30 April, Lieux publics, Marseille, France

10th June – 10th July, FAROUT Festival, BASE Milano, Italy.

8th July, Exeter College, Exeter, UK.

21st September – October 23rd, The Flynn, Vermont. USA.

14th – 16th October, Automation Showcase, South West Creative Technology Network, UK.

14th – 19th September, Northern Stage, Newcastle, UK.

2nd – 6th September, Freedom Festival, Hull, UK.

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International tour

1 – 4 September, PLACCC 2022, Budapest, Hungary

4 – 15 May, auawirleben Theaterfestival, Bern, Switzerland

In 2020 and early in 2021 we had to postpone planned presentations of Pig both in Europe and Australia due to Covid-19.

30 March – 5 April, CANCELLED Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Sydney, Australia 

Pig touring dates were put on hold in 2020 due to COVID-19.

4 – 9 June, Carlow Arts Festival

14 – 16 June, Cork Midsummer Festival

5 – 8 July, Kelburn Garden Party, Scotland

5 – 8 Sept, Firatàrrega, Tàrrega

11 – 27 May, Norfolk and Norwich Festival, UK

15 – 24 June, Oerol Festival, Netherlands

1 – 14 Aug, Moss, Norway

31 Aug – 2 Sept, Hull Freedom Festival, UK

25 – 30 Sept, Travellings Festival, Marseille, France.

9th – 11th Nov, Citizen of Nowhere, National Theatre of Scotland, Dundee, UK.


About Pig

From The Light Of The Fire, Our Dancing Shadows

Two experiences - one in VR and one watching on

1st – 2nd October, Strike A Light and GL4, Matson, Gloucester. UK

26th – 27th June, POSTPONED  Strike A Light, Gloucester

Our Dancing Shadows touring dates were put on hold in 2020 due to COVID-19.

15th – 16th March, Mikrofest, Exeter
Thursday 16th May, Surf The Wave, Bournemouth

17 – 18 March, Layered Realities, Millennium Square, Bristol.

29 – 30 September, Arts By The Sea, Bournemouth.

12 – 13 November, Terni, Italy.

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