The Time It Takes

Available for Touring

A participative experience that invites audiences to meditate on gravity and time.

What is it?

3 mechanical drawing machines use ever decreasing pendulum swings to mark the time it takes to fall to stillness.

Inspired by a childhood visit to Li Yuan-Chia’s remote little gallery in NW England and an old book of instructions for building your own harmonograph, Kaleider made 3 twin elliptical pendulum harmonographs (originally invented by Joseph Goold b. 1836). They are suspended from the ceiling, about 7m high.

In an attempt to mark each fall more beautifully than the last, the artist moves among the harmonographs and changes the weights. He invites the audience to seek harmony in the lines the machines draw.


This project is available for international touring.

The Time It Takes is an enchanting large-scale installation and a meditative experience. Artist Seth Honnor invites members of the public to initiate a harmonograph’s movement, and to witness as it draws a unique, co-created work of art.

If you want to discuss bringing Kaleider’s harmonographs to you and your audiences, please get in touch with Kaleider Producer Jocelyn S Mills:



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Conceived and directed by Seth Honnor.

Commissioned by BASE Milano for FAROUT Festival.