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If you’d like to contact us then you can tweet us (@kaleider) or email us at

We are a small team so we can’t always get back to you straight away but we try our best.

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We know you get too many emails already but our’s are legendary! We send about one update every two months or so about what we and our Residents are up to.


Write to us like in the old days

If you want to visit us or send us a postcard or something our address is:

Bathurst House
Smythen Street

If you are visiting us there is a car park on our road: Smythen Street Car Park. 

There is also a bus stop outside BHS.

Telephone us

And for when a postcard just won’t do we have a telephone: +44 (0)1392 437750

We try to get to the telephone as much as we can but as a small team we can’t be right beside it all the time. Please bear with us.