Let's Twist

Available for Touring

Kaleider invites you to twist and shape our cardboard sculptures

Let’s Twist is a beautiful landscape of interactive sculptures. They are made out of interconnected cardboard prisms that can be twisted into thousands of different shapes. 

Every time someone changes the sculpture, they inherit their starting point from the people before them. By transforming the shape, they add to the sculpture’s story.

Members of the public can work together, or witness others playing.


Now available for booking.

An original commission by Children’s Capital of Culture, Kaleider’s Let’s Twist premiered September 2nd & 3rd 2023 at Rotherham Show.

Please get in touch with Kaleider Producer, Jocelyn S Mills to bring Kaleider’s Let’s Twist to your audiences: jocelyn@kaleider.com

Sustainability, accessibility & playability

Kaleider’s Let’s Twist is made out of cardboard. The prisms are delivered flat packed and assembled on site, minimising the environmental impact of shipping. 

Let’s Twist was developed with access in mind. Cardboard is friendly and light: a 7.5 metre long sculpture can weigh as little as 11 kg. The sculptures can be twisted from all different angles and heights. Big twists always require more than one person, inviting collaboration, creative expression, and intergenerational play.

The shapes are beautifully architectural and can be painted with custom designs. The sculptures invite audiences to explore and admire them from all angles, changing people’s perception of their surroundings.

Access documents

We will provide the following documents:

Easy Read in pdf

Easy Read in Word

Audio Description in mp3

Audio Description in Word

We are very happy to customise access documents for each promotor’s venue, location and language.


Original commission by Children’s Capital of Culture for Rotherham Show.

Let’s Twist custom designs for 2023 premiere at Rotherham Show created in collaboration with young people of Rotherham.