You With Me

A Kaleider & Reverb Co-Production

You With Me is about you (with me).

It is a personal story, which the audience member is at the very centre of. The performance uses the backdrop of a highly populated, built up, city environment and is played out through a 45 minute telephone call.

You With Me was the inaugural project from Kaleider, written and directed by Kaleider’s Artistic Director, Seth Honnor. It was a co-production with Reverb.

Performances so far:

12 – 15 March 2014 – Flying Solo Festival, Manchester

17 Nov – 9 December 2012 – Exeter City Centre



Some audience feedback we received was too personal to share but here’s some of our favourite:

“I loved this afternoon and will puzzle over its impact for quite a time, an extraordinary experience which I was both privileged and thankful to have been a part of, such fun but not just that a strange and lovely connection with a stranger and then lost and gone like death and snow and blossom blown away almost as if it had never been and yet… Thank you and to your team.”

loved it with all my heart! It was just beautiful and made me ever so happy! Thank Kelly again, she made my day!

Had an amazing time with ‪#youwithme this morning! Thanks to Chloe and everyone else!! And for the lollipop! Go take a chance!

‪#youwithme a moment of quiet intimacy in a crowd. A game, an encounter with a city. Fun – have a go!

Just been in ‪#Youwithme for an amazing theatre experience. Go and do this.

‪@ReverbArts ‪@TheKaleider that was the most amazing surreal experience I have had. Didn’t want you to go! ‪#youwithme

Very much enjoyed ‘You With Me’ this morning. Recommend it if you have the chance go see/experience it ‪@TheKaleider ‪@ReverbArts ‪#youwithme

‪#youwithme was absolutely brilliant, can’t recommend it enough

Thought provoking and enjoyable piece of creative theatre in Exeter. Take the plunge! Its definitely worth it!

I really enjoyed the experience & found myself thinking about it more than I was expecting… and still puzzled by the interaction I had with that wonderful lady that might not even exist after all. Great!

Thoroughly enjoyed ‪#youwithme by ‪@ReverbArts & ‪@thekaleider on Saturday. Playful, intimate and disconcerting all at once. Get involved!

Had great time on saturday taking part in ‪#YouWithMe. Top idea!

Was swept away with the project from the get go, brilliant!

Loved ‪#youwithme a touching, original and thought provoking experience. Charge up that phone and call!

That was lots of fun. Made me smile, a fine way to spend a beautiful morning.

‪#youwithme was great, but was a bird pooing on my leg part of the performance or just bad luck?

Wonderfully special show

Had an amazing experience taking part in ‪#youwithme. Would thoroughly recommend it…

A definite outside the box experience. Highly recommended!

Absolutely loved ‪#Youwithme performance in ‪#Exeter tonight. Thought-provoking, exciting, & fun. Left me wanting to do it again.

‪#YouWithMe is an intriguing experience. Give it a go people.

I really would encourage you to check ‪#youwithme out…

Just previewed ‪#youwithme very bizarre and most of all I want to know how they could see me? I’d recommend it. Totally different experience.

You simply HAVE to take part in ‪#youwithme… Amazing… Absolutely amazing… ‪http://youwithme.co.uk  ‪#ThoughtProvoking ‪#Exeter