Update – Buoyed will be at Lost Weekend in Exeter on 6 – 8 October 2017. 

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by Dr Louisa Evans, Dr Rachel TurnerJay Kerry & Daniel Marcus Clark, co-created with South Coast fishing communities

An Out of the Kaleider production

Buoyed is an interactive, playful cluster of magical glass buoys that hang above head height, suspended by slender wooden stems. They tease you with their pulsing glow and muffled voices, enticing you in for a closer listen. And as you reach them, they start speaking to you….


This project aims to use art to bring the voices of inshore fishing communities in England to the general public and decision-makers as a means to raise the political profile of this typically marginalised sector. Through research and creative engagement it will investigate fishers’ experiences of social, political and environmental change, and within this context of change will explore their aspirations under Brexit in anticipation of formal avenues to engage in negotiations. The Buoyed installation is being built at the moment and will launch at the Hastings Seafood and Wine Festival in September and will feature again at Lost Weekend in Exeter in October 2017.

Inserted images: Hastings

Photo credit: Louisa Evans

Buoy photo credit: Completely Coastal

Project partners are Hastings Fishermen’s Protection Society, Mevagissey Fishermen’s Association, NUTFA and south coast fishermen, Blue Marine Foundation.

Buoyed is funded by the University of Exeter and the Economic and Social Research Council.


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