International tour

11 – 27 May, Norfolk and Norwich Festival, UK

15 – 24 June, Oerol Festival, Netherlands

1 – 14 August, Moss, Norway

31 Aug – 2 Sept, Hull Freedom Festival, UK

25 – 30 Sept, Travellings Festival, Marseille, France.

9th – 11th Nov, Citizen of Nowhere, National Theatre of Scotland, Dundee, UK.

About Pig

The Money

Play The Money in some of the world's most prestigious venues

25-26 August, Taipei Arts Festival, Taipei

27-29 August, Norderzon Performing Arts Festival, Groningen, The Netherlands

14-16 September, Dublin City Council Chamber, Dublin Fringe Festival, Ireland

  • The Great Hall, Dartington, Devon
  • Sydney Opera House, Antidote Festival
  • Theatre de la Ville, Paris – British Embassy
  • AUAWIRLEBEN, Bern, Switzerland
  • Out&About Festival, Bern, Switzerland
  • Empresa de Gestão e Animação Cultural, Portugal
  • Lagos Theatre Festival

  • Melbourne Festival, Australia
  • Pergine Specttacolo Apert, Italy
  • International Festival of Arts and Ideas, New Haven Connecticut, USA
  • Quaterhouse, Folkstone
  • Deptford Town Hall
  • C4 Pilot
  • Hull Guildhall
  • Tianjin, China
  • Cambridge Junction

  • Margate Museum
  • The Toll House, Great Yarmouth
  • London Guildhall
  • Manchester Town Hall & Wills Memorial Building (Bristol)
  • City Chambers, Edinburgh
  • Houses of Parliament
  • Battersea Arts Centre
  • Exeter Guildhall

  • Exeter Guildhall
  • Mayfest, Bristol

  • Exeter Guildhall

About The Money

From The Light Of The Fire, Our Dancing Shadows

Two experiences - one in VR and one watching on

22 – 24 February – Lost Weekend, Exeter.

17 -18 March, Layered Realities, Millennium Square, Bristol.

29 – 30 September, Arts By The Sea, Bournemouth.

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