You With Me

The Show & Context

“Hi. I’m Hollie. If you hang up by mistake or we lose contact just call back. If you chose to hang up and not call back the show will end. For the next 45 minutes I will be with you. We can do what we like. We can play, talk, sing, dance, watch, listen. The phone call is not being recorded. This is our time. We can say what we want to each other. You can trust me.

I’m with you. I can see you. Do you think you can see me?”

You With Me is about you, your place in the world and the world’s place in you. But it will be different for every audience member.

The show is a 45-minute phone conversation between an audience member and a performer. It is a genuine conversation. Whilst on the phone, the audience member is invited to be playful and explore the city centre.

The performer allows the audience member to command the content and focus of the discussion, whilst gently guiding the audience member through the flexible structure of the show.  The content can fall along a vast spectrum of topics from favourite sandwich fillings to love and relationships.

You With Me is a unique experience for each individual audience member. As a non-traditional format, it could be perceived as a daunting or risky experience for new audiences. We intend to work with partners where appropriate to develop their audiences to engage with this new form of live performance, as well as engaging with other potential audiences from across the city, such as the video gaming community.



You With Me asks it’s audience to draw upon their knowledge and experiences of cities, or lack thereof, to enrich the tasks they are asked to undertake. The show asks its audience to be explorative; therefore our target audience will be inquisitive and possess a willingness to engage with new experiences. Our audience will be headphone wearers, mobile users, shoppers, pedestrians, city planners, gamers, young people and local residents. Each of these groups will have some existing knowledge of the location or mobile platform of the show. They will engage with this pre-existing knowledge in a new way; offering them the opportunity to see the city they planned, live in, shop in or walk through with fresh eyes; or they will experience a new form of live gaming, and re-consider mobiles as a platform for an evocative conversation with a stranger.

Reviews & Audience Feedback

‘As You With Me is so personal, so unique to each participant, it’s difficult to quantify, but if you’re willing to go with it, to immerse yourself completely in the space that it creates, then it has the scope to be whatever you want it to be, and a potentially illuminating opportunity at that.’ Exeunt Magazine

“The piece is fully interactive, like a real-life, off-the-page, choose-your-own-adventure.” Nom de Strip

“I loved this afternoon and will puzzle over its impact for quite a time, an extraordinary experience which I was both privileged and thankful to have been a part of, such fun but not just that a strange and lovely connection with a stranger and then lost and gone like death and snow and blossom blown away almost as if it had never been and yet… Thank you and to your team.” Audience Member

‘Just previewed #youwithme very bizarre and most of all I want to know how they could see me? I’d recommend it. Totally different experience.’ Tweet from audience member.

‘Loved #youwithme a touching, original and thought provoking experience. Charge up that phone and call!’ Tweet from audience member.

Touring Information

Fees: Varies depending on number of performances

Location: We will also work closely with each partner using their local knowledge of their specific city (which is vital to the show), this may also encompass the production manager having several visits with the performers visiting the city.  We will work with each partner to build relationships and recruit volunteers (perhaps from the local college or university) who play a crucial and exciting role in the show.

Accessibility: We are also very interested in collaborating with one or more partners to develop an accessible show, which may include a BSL interpreter or using RNIB designed phones for the blind or partially sighted.

Running time: 45 minutes

Age suitability: 16+

Number on the road: 2

Availability for touring: Ongoing

You With Me was the inaugural project from Kaleider, written and directed by Kaleider’s Artistic Director, Seth Honnor. You with me was originally a co-production with Reverb.

If you are a promoter or producer interested in booking You with Me we’d love to hear from you!

Additional Workshops

Multimedia In The Street – Workshop

This workshop aims to offer students a practical overview and an intense working experience of devising, developing and presenting a multimedia performance in public space, addressing both the vocabulary and practices of contemporary multimedia performance and the dramaturgical construction of multimedia production.

Running time: We can tailor workshops lengths between 1 hour and 1 day.

Age suitability: 16+

Fee: Dependent on length of workshop.

Current Tour Dates

There are currently no tour dates.


Flying Solo Festival, Manchester – 12 – 15 March 2014 

Exeter City Centre – 17 Nov – 9 December 2012 

Contact Details

Contact for touring: Katie Keeler (Executive Producer)


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