The Piece and Context

In Whispers, players experience a one-on-one short performance after which they receive a bronze or wooden tablet, engraved with a set of instructions.

Players pass the performance and the tablet from person to person playing both audience then performer in a cooperative gifting chain.

Whispers’ explores the culture of gifting and exchange between a number players experiencing one on one, one-minute performance’s.

The bronze tablet holds the infrastructure to this exchange and passes on instructions to each player about how to move forward by passing on the performance, and also how to record this exchange through the use of SMS technology.

Each exchange of the story will inevitably morph it slightly – sometimes a lot.

There is a sense of mystery around this project, as we will never know what each exchange looked like, only where and when it took place.

We commissioned Tom Wainwright to write the first whispers story. We can commission any number of artists to write for the project. Each tablet embarks on a journey to an unknown destination.

Whispers is a Kaleider production conceived by Kaleider’s Artistic Director Seth Honnor.


Touring Information


Price on applicaiton.

Location: Whispers can begin in any given location. Our experience is that it works really well in festival contexts.

Contact Details

Contact for touring: Katie Keeler (Executive Producer)

Email: katie@kaleider.com

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