From the light of the fire, our dancing shadows

A Kaleider Production, written and directed by Seth Honnor with Andy Wood and All Seeing Eye.

Our Dancing Shadows explores two immersions, one in VR and one watching on.

As an audience member, you can choose to be either a Witness, watching on and listening through your own headphones or take to the stage as a Player wearing a VR headset.

You do not need to have experienced VR before in order to be a Player. The VR environment is not a competitive game environment. If you choose the VR experience you will be guided through a gentle, poetic VR world.

Layered Realities

Our Dancing Shadows was first commissioned by Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio for Layered Realities Weekend at Milennium Square in Bristol, 17th-18th March.

They asked artists, researchers and creatives to produce bold new works which explore the potential of 5G through a series of free experimental events, talks, and demonstrations.

Produced by Watershed on behalf of the Smart Internet Lab, University of Bristol. Smart Internet Lab has secured funds to establish ‘5GUK Test Networks’ a national asset, funded by the UK Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) ‘5GUK Test Networks’.

The Layered Realities weekend, 5G showcase brought together the University of Bristol’s Smart Internet Lab and Watershed, We The Curious, BT, Nokia, Zeetta, Cambridge Communications Systems, PureLiFi and BiO.


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