Speed Updating


Over the last 3 years Kaleider and the University of Exeter have been working to develop their relationship and find new ways of collaborating.

In our jobs we often spend our days working with others to develop their ideas, support them to find investment, to find others to work with, or to be a critical friend.

1 of the developments we have observed over the last few years is the impact on research and practice when researchers and the creative industries collaborate.

We would like to grow the community of researchers and the creative industries working together across Exeter and encourage cross-fertilization, dialogue and shared knowledge.

Speed updating is a lively, informal quick-fire way to tell people what you’ve been up to or potential opportunities for collaboration.


Contact Details

Emily Williams (Executive Producer, Kaleider) – emily@kaleider.com

Grace Williams  (Public Engagement Manager, University of Exeter) – grace.williams@exeter.ac.uk


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