Running | Out Of Time

The Show & Context

Running | Out of Time explores the human relationship to space, place, time and the other through videographed parkoured experience and then through the sharing of this experience on a global platform.

It is a time-mapped experience for a single individual that will then be broadcasted globally for shared experience. R|OOT is specifically interested in the female body, and particularly, the female runner, free-runner and parkourer. You can take part or just watch as the platform becomes populated.

At the end of the experience, the audience member/performer will upload their video to the R|OOT global platform where it will be broadcast simultaneously with videos of other individuals performing the same task in a different space.

Running | Out of Time is a part-audio, part-video, individual running experience; globally shared. It invites women to engage in a story-based audio experience exploring running, parkour, and free running.

This project seeks to allow individuals to feel a part of a global community and to be active participants, innovators and recreators of their place. So, let’s go. Let’s run.



Lead Artist

Kelly Marie Miller, is an emerging UK-based freelance artist, performer, theatre maker and researcher. Currently, she is in the final stages of her PhD research at the University of Exeter, exploring the histories of elite gymnastics and the re-imagining of those histories towards a pedagogical training for performers. Originally from the US, she moved to the UK in 2008 for her MFA in Theatre Practice at Exeter.

As a performer, Kelly has worked with companies: Aasakta, Kaleider, Cardboard Shakespeare Company, Out of Hand Theatre and the AKZE Daggy in several different performance modes. Kelly is also a resident at Kaleider, who allow her the freedom and support to explore her ideas and work in a collaborative space. Her practice interest lies within the response of the human body to new technologies, extreme performance modes, and sport and performance. She hopes to create performance and experiences that challenge and move beyond our current conceptions of contemporary performance. 

Running | Out of Time is a Kaleider commission.

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