Listening Trees

A Mercurial Wrestler and Kaleider co-production

Project Summary

Listening Trees is the possibility of a connection with a stranger. When you sit at a Listening Tree it connects you to another seat somewhere else where someone else is sitting and you can talk and listen through the horns for as long or as briefly as you wish. When you leave the seat the connection is lost so when you sit back down you could be connected to another person on another seat, somewhere else.

So far we have designed and made 4 prototype Listening Trees working with local makers and materials. Piers Edsall, from Flameworks in Plymouth crafted the horns and metal work, Richard Pulman, a Talaton maker made the seats and Jay Kerry, Mercurial Wrestler has been building the technology with developer Sam Machin.  The timber for the seats comes from a fallen Cedar tree from the Fulford Estate sourced from Culver Sawmill, Exeter.

In October 2015 we installed them across Torbay as part of Ageing Well Festival for their first trial

Each Listening Tree is comprised of a handmade seat and horn which is attached to a pre-existing tree in a suitable location.

The technology is designed so that the project can be scaled by the infinite addition of new seats.

Touring Information

We are in conversations with commissioners in UK and China about taking listening trees to the next stage. If you would like listening trees for a festival or venue we’d love to hear from you.

We imagine, in the first instance, that listening trees will be installed for up to a month in a single location. They could also be installed during a festival with high impact over a shorter period of time.

Fees: Upon request.

Contact Details

Contact for touring: Katie Keeler (Executive Producer)

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