Make Make [together] Make.

Kaleider’s plan for 2018-2022

We publish our business plan in full because we want people to know our business and how we go about it. We’d love to hear from you if you are inspired by it or if you think we could do better.

Our plan begins like this…

Kaleider is a production studio both conceptually, by which we mean processes for collaborative production, and physically, by which we mean physical space.

At Kaleider we bring together academics, scientists, technologists, creatives (including, but not limited to, artists) and young people to face some of the world’s greatest challenges. We create processes which forge collaborations and utilise the collective imagination to create experiences, products, and services that help us all towards a better understanding of ourselves and the world we inhabit.

We called our previous plan “What can we do together that we cannot do apart?”. We will continue to ask this question. We are living in a global system threatened by climate change, where 95% of the global scientific community believe it is caused by human action. Global population has doubled in the past 40 years and is predicted to increase to 11 billion by the end of this century. Each of the world’s 7.5 billion individuals is different, yet difference is still driving hatred and division. Communication amongst the global population is supported by the extraordinary rise of digital and handheld devices. Innovation in energy and food production is speeding up. In the next 10 years autonomous vehicles are going to revolutionise how we and objects move around. But how we lead and are led toward a sustainable system has maybe never been harder. Maybe the question we should be asking is “How can we do together what we cannot do apart?”

Kaleider will unlikely answer much. We will not create world peace, we will not prevent climate change, or halt sea ice melt, we will not reinvent democracy (although we might play with it a bit), we will not solve the equal distribution of resources amongst the world population and we will not solve the challenges of migration.

But we feel a great urgency to make some brilliant art that asks some questions; to respond creatively to the pressures we feel are upon us. And to share what we make with others. In sharing those questions with others we hope we will create space to contemplate the challenges we face, together.

What we are going to do is make, make, together, make.

You can read our full plan here: Make Make [together] Make. Kaleider’s plan 2018 – 2022

We’re very thankful to Arts Council England, The Met Office, University of Exeter, Libraries Unlimited, Exeter City Council, Research England, Esmée Fairbairn, our private donors, and to our wonderful Residents and many collaborators for their ongoing support.

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