Forever Me

What will remain of you when the light goes out?

In time for the 2017 Exeter Lost Weekend Festival, Kaleider commissioned Artist, Becca Gill of Mercurial Wrestler to produce some art for a public setting. She created Forever Me, a Mausoleum for the Living – a monument for a city of people not yet deceased.

The monument is an intriguing and interactive box, standing 9 feet high. The box becomes illuminated and is made up of dozens of smaller boxes. Each shadow box tells a story of a life.

Those who engaged with this extraordinary art-work stepped inside the monument and made unique shadow boxes of their own using the available materials. There was also the option to record thoughts about how they would like to leave the world after they had gone. This story was then be added to the others to build up a collective immortal presence of Exeter residents and visitors.

Others chose to stay outside the monument to listen to the testimonials others had made, and to tune into the lives of others. You can listen to some of these testimonials here.

Creator Becca Gill says, “There is a simplicity to Forever Me. The gift of life is reinforced when you realise it’s finite. I will die, but others will come after me.”

“We exist in a culture where the defining mantras are self-help and self-improvement, attempting to defeat nature’s pattern of diminishing us as we age; death is the greatest insult. In a world lived so publicly, networked to thousands worldwide through social media the ‘shadow boxes’ make a collective tangible mausoleum for the living. A time to step back from social media and consider how you wish to be remembered.”

About the creator Becca Gill

Becca Gill is an artist who creates and presents interactive and playful interventions in unexpected places.  She is also a Kaleider resident. Her work has been supported and presented across the country and internationally and recent projects include: Magna Mysteria, presented at Mayfest and national touring with Without Walls; Dreaming Places; beds networked to a server via an app which collects dreams; Listening Trees, a Kaleider co-production; and Heartfelt, a project with Wellcome Trust, The University of Exeter and Einstein’s Garden.

Becca is Artistic Director of Mercurial Wrestler (Magician’s Desk, Magna Mysteria, Safe Haven, Dreaming Places, Listening Trees, Heartfelt, Forever Me).

We’re looking forward to bringing Forever Me to different settings in the future.

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