Exetreme Imagination 2014

The Event & Context

Can we tell each other stories that help us turn and face some of the greatest challenges of our times?

Creative Writing Workshops 25th & 26th October 2014


Hosted by Kaleider as part of Exetreme Imagination Festival 2014. With thanks to Exeter Central Library.

For Exetreme Imagination we invited young people, their brothers and sisters and friends, their parents and carers, their grandparents, even their great grandparents, to come and create stories with us in Exeter Central Library.

In the workshops we brought in some brilliant writers, artists and scientists to create stories around the themes of Love, Leadership, Food, Technology and Justice. The workshops involved creative writing, poetry, printmaking or drama.


Exetreme Imagination is Exeter ’s festival of writing for and by young people 25th October to 1st November 2014.

(Ancient Sunlight is led by Kaleider in partnership with daisi, Exetreme Imagination, Double Elephant Print Workshop, Riptide Journal, UCL, and supported by MantracourtThe Deer Park Hotel, and M Fowler and Son)

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