Case for Optimism

Event & Context

On 6th July 2012 Kaleider hosted Case for Optimism with support from the University of Exeter’s Link Fund. The video above gives you a taste of the day, and an idea of what the people who came took away with them. As always, Thank you to Rob Darch for making this wonderful video.

Case for Optimism is an event for leaders in the arts and cultural sector and those who seek to maximise their creative response to the great challenges of our time: the ongoing financial crisis, the end of the oil age, other resource depletions, and the challenge of climate change.

Case for Optimism provides participants with a context, a chance to reflect on their personal role, their collective role within their sector, and creative processes to explore and imagine an authentic response.

The event connects consciously the personal to the professional to help individuals identify a sense of creative agency.

You can also listen to an interview with Producer Emily Williams talking on Phonic FM about Kaleider and Case for Optimism.

Case for Optimism is a collaboration devised and delivered by Teo Greenstreet, Hilary Jennings and Lucy Neal. The development of their practice brings together a considerable breadth of experience over 33 years, gained from engagement in the arts, cultural and sustainability sectors.

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