The Show & Context

Ariel conceived by Alice Tatton-Brown is a response to our commission call to imagine a future.

“In everyone there sleeps a sense of life lived according to love” (P.Larkin)

Ariel is an intimate story told and retold in a library. It’s the story of Ariel and John, and of what they left behind. A re-working of a mystery and a love story.

Part audio walk, part installation, and part performance. Ariel is about what we create together, what remains of us, and of what our modern preoccupation with photography and documentation might reveal to us.

Ariel is Kaleider commission.

Lead Artist

Alice Tatton-Brown is a performer and writer. She makes detailed work for public spaces. Through performance and installation, her work reveals narratives of experience, risk and unsolved mysteries.

As a performer Alice has worked in a wide variety of contexts, performing with WildWorks, Kaleider, Burn The Curtain, and Show of Strength. Alice is also co-founder/co-director of art space; The Parlour Showrooms, in Bristol. Currently she is working on In The City Series; an invitation, once a month, to re-imagine the city.

Alice is a Kaleider resident.

Touring Information

Currently not available for touring.


Exeter Library (Kaleider Season, Autumn 2013)

Bristol Library (Mayfest 2014)

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