Tom Coleman

Kaleider Resident

Photographer  |  Curator  |  Producer 

I work with contemporary photography both as a visual language and artistic discourse, combined with the medium’s documentation and presentation of environment and culture. Projects within my personal practice explore family history and connection to place, geographical or psychological. My work has been featured in exhibitions at galleries such as Doomed, London; Platform Arts, Belfast; Book & Job, San Francisco and Fish Factory Arts, Falmouth.

Founder & Director | Unveil’d

A visual arts organisation that champions contemporary photography. We work with photographers, galleries and book makers to produce an exciting programme of events including a biennale photography festival in Exeter, England. We explore the medium’s possibilities through exhibition, digital and print while running talks and workshops to share ideas.

Mentor | Macula Collective 

Founded by photographer Robert Darch in 2012. The aim of Macula was to create a relaxed but engaging environment where young photographers could learn, explore, and share work with like minded individuals. Macula has continually evolved since its creation, with the members now taking an active role in the direction and development of the Collective.  |