Soma (6 March)

Soma is an hour-long participatory experience that takes participants on a sensory journey, exploring different ways of seeing & feeling.

Soma is an hour-long participatory experience that takes participants on a sensory journey and offers them the opportunity to explore different ways of ‘seeing’ and ‘feeling’ across physical, virtual and imagined realities.

Led by dance artist and researcher Lisa May Thomas, The Soma Project explores the concept of ‘somatic agency’ – our experience of and capacity to sense and feel our living and moving bodies, highlighting the perception gap between seeing and feeling through the use of VR technologies.

“I think there was something happening within me – it’s like I was waking up.” – Participant


Session 1: 10am – 11am

Session 2: 11.30am – 12.30pm

Session 3: 2pm – 3pm

Session 4: 3.30pm – 4.30pm

Session 5: 5pm – 6pm

4 places available at each performance.


What To Expect

You can expect to move (as little or as much as you would like), to close your eyes whilst being guided by someone, to be working with others, to be guided by the dancers in VR, to be in darkness. There will be moments of physical contact/touch.
Ideally wear comfortable clothing and flat shoes / trainers.
NB. we have taken into consideration the recent C. virus, we will spend some time washing our hands at the start and the VR headsets are protected by a silicone insert which can be replaced between users.


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Tickets: Pay what you decide

This event forms part of the South West Creative Technology Network Talent Development programme. All events within this programme are run on a pay what you decide basis. This means that it is you, not us, who makes the call about how much the event will cost you. Will it be £5? £25? £50? What is the experience worth to you?

Crucially, it also means that if you’d love to come but investing in skills development at the moment just isn’t possible, you can come along for free.

Once we’ve covered our costs, your payment will go straight back into the scheme, allowing us to programme more talent development work for people like you. We are determined to ensure that anyone can access skills development, and so we are asking you, our audience, to pay it forward if you can.

Please bear in mind that for every £5 you donate, around £1 will go towards booking fees and VAT.

All performances take place at Kaleider Studios (45 Preston Street, Exeter, Devon, EX1 1DF).

For any access requirements, please see here:


Soma is funded by Arts Council England.

This event is also funded by Kaleider.

Other project supporters are Bristol Old Vic, Knowle West Media Centre, Pervasive Media Studio, Theatre Bristol, University of Bristol and The Brigstow Institute, Bloomsbury Theatre and Studio Wayne McGregor.