Mark Parry

Kaleider Resident

I work with light and digital imagery (moving and still) in a wide range of contexts – installations, public art, cross-art collaborations as well as in conventional film making and theatre/dance (light and projection design). Most of the visual art work I do is site-specific or for public spaces rather than galleries and includes light works, video works and interactive works (in collaboration) or combinations of these.

I started off as a lighting designer for dance and theatre, then trained in film making and made short films and television documentaries. I found an interest in putting these two skills together to make installations combining projected light and imagery as well as doing more art based film and projection work. More recently I have been making a range of light based works using daylight and artificial light in combination with glass or perspex, coloured, translucent or reflective films, printed graphics films and optics to make sculptural light pieces, wall panels and window artworks.