Macula Collective

Kaleider Resident

Macula Collective was founded by photographer Robert Darch in 2012. The aim of Macula is to create a relaxed but engaging space where young photographers can learn, explore, share work and ideas with like minded individuals. Macula has continually evolved since its creation, with the members now taking an active role in the direction and development of the collective.

Macula accepts external commissions and also develops self initiated projects as a collective under the guidance of Rob and Martyn Windsor, photographer and curator.

Macula Collective isn’t funded and therefore relies on the support and kindness of existing organisations. Kaleider in particular have been very helpful by allowing Macula to use their studio as a location to meet weekly. Alongside this, Kaleider have involved the members of Macula in projects, commissioning the collective to document Ancient Sunlight, as well as offering on-going support and guidance to several members of the collective.