Louisa Evans

Kaleider Resident

I am a scatterling of Africa where my passion for people and their relationships with coasts and oceans first developed. I became an environmental social scientist working on issues of environmental sustainability and international development, with a particular interest in how the voices of the most vulnerable are heard (or not) in environmental and development policy and decision making.

I am currently collaborating with Kaleider, Kaleider Resident Jay Kerry, and Daniel Marcus Clark on a project called Buoyed. This project aims to use art to bring the voices of inshore fishing communities in England to the general public and decision-makers as a means to raise the political profile of this typically marginalised sector. Through research and creative engagement it will investigate fishers’ experiences of social, political and environmental change, and within this context of change will explore their aspirations under Brexit in anticipation of formal avenues to engage in negotiations. The Buoyed installation will launch at the Hastings Fish and Wine Festival in September and will feature again at Exeter’s Lost Weekend in October 2017. Look out for us!