Hannah Mumby

Kaleider Resident

I am the Coordinator/General Manager of Arts & Health South West, a charity that provides information, support and advocacy for everyone who believes in the value of creativity in enhancing health and wellbeing. I keep the charity running day-to-day and an important part of my role is responding to enquiries from individuals working with arts and health – this could be anything from supporting an artist to find a partner organisation to run a project with, to helping someone find their nearest art therapy training course.

We run yearly conferences to help connect arts and health professionals all over the South West. I also host and produce the Arts & Health South West Podcast (http://ahsw.org.uk/podcast.aspx) and am always looking for new guests.

When I am not working on AHSW business I am a freelance illustrator! Come and talk to me about anything to do with arts, health and wellbeing. (You can find out more about Arts & Health South West at www.ahsw.org.uk, and my illustration work can be found at www.hannahmumby.co.uk)