Ella Mills

Kaleider Resident

I am a social art historian. I recently finished my PhD (hurray!) involving the 1980s surge of creative practice and activity now referred to by many as a ‘British Black Arts Movement’. My research focuses specifically on the negotiations and interventions of pioneering B/black British women artists such as for example, Sutapa Biswas, Sonia Boyce, Lubaina Himid, Claudette Johnson, Ingrid Pollard, and Maud Sulter. I enjoy writing about artists who are women, and I engage most with challenging visual art that offers more than aesthetics.

Art is the everyday and I am an advocate of bridging gaps between notions of ‘high art’ and critical theory, with the impact and affect art has in wider society.

I am currently fiddling around with traditional ideas of artist interviews and have taken an interdisciplinary turn by drawing on social science methods of grounded theory.