Diana Walters

Kaleider Resident

I like to make things happen and stir things up – especially in heritage, museums and internationalism. I work freelance helping to achieve change – whether that’s on a personal level in supporting individuals, organisationally pushing people out of the box or globally advocating for grassroots activism and creative partnerships.

I challenge the status quo. It might be uncomfortable, but if you don’t ask the difficult questions how will anything ever happen? I love to listen to and learn from people – putting ideas, individuals and communities together and seeing what happens… and making things happen.

I facilitate, teach, write, project manage, consult, support and build across a range of areas in arts, heritage, learning and culture. My background is in history, heritage and museums, and for many years I’ve worked in peace-building across 25 different countries.

For ten years I lived in Sweden, relocating to the South West and happily settling in Exeter. Would love to explore opportunities locally, nationally and internationally.