David Salas

Kaleider Resident

Filmmaker. Moving Image Artist. Film Programmer. You get the picture…

David Salas is the Lead Filmmaker at Lone Wolf Club films, a video production collective. Lone Wolf Club films, provides flexible video production and exhibition to artists, charities, companies and institutions. We tend towards creating films for ‘the arts’, but we’re open to any project that wants to find a way to communicate emotionally.

As a Moving Image Artist, David is interested in making the invisible visible, whether that is giving a voice to people that feel invisible; trying to bring to life the emotional history of an everyday street; showing a space as it is at night, in the middle of the day; or talking about what it means to be from a nation, when standing in the middle of an international sports arena.

As an Award Winning Director, David is interested in making films that are about something real, not the usual dream-fare of multiplexes, but small films often based on truth, whether that’s stories about an old man who waited 24 hours to call for help when his wife dropped dead; a journalist who published an interview that included the location of a man with a £1 million bounty on his head, or two friends meeting only because the person that connected them has taken their own life.

As a Cinematographer several films David has shot have gone on to win awards, whether that’s dramas like Always Hope, or Science Fiction films like ©loaned.

As well as being a Resident at Kaleider, David is a Guest Lecturer for the University of Exeter / London Film School MA International Film Business course, lecturing on Pop Up Cinemas and non-theatrical exhibition as part of a module on Distribution and Markets. He is committed to nurturing filmmaking in his home county of Devon and as result has been previously Filmmaker in Residence at the Exeter Phoenix and remains a Core Associate Artist.