Becca Gill

Kaleider Resident

I am an artist who creates and presents interactive and playable art often using digital technology and performance to reach and engage new audiences. I am  a resident artist at Kaleider (previously Pervasive Media Studio and AIR Studio, Falmouth University).

My work has been funded by Arts Council England among others. With Mercurial Wrestler I have created a number of interactive installations which enable inclusion, actively involving the audience in the storytelling. Magna Mysteria was presented at Mayfest and toured outdoor festivals with Without Walls. (“Mercurial Wrestler’s Magna Mysteria, a show that turns its audience into magicians.” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian).

Dreaming Places allowed people to record their dreams using an app which keeps them in REM sleep. Dreams are played via interactive beds installed in town centres. Safe Haven, funded by Heritage Lottery Fund and Plymouth University, is an immersive binaural sound adventure which uses locative media to tell the story of when Seale Hayne was a Hospital. Listening Trees, in partnership with Kaleider has been commissioned by UNESCO to connect world heritage sites. I was employed as a consultant on digital and interactive performance and have presented at a number of conferences including Fascinate, IAudience, Shift Happens and Twilio Annual Conference.

I am currently developing Forever Me, an Out of the Kaleider Commission:
Forever Me is a playable installation in public space that enables people to create artistic interpretations of their own mortality. It is a beautiful large cube structure, light touch facilitation to invite people to make with their hands & talk about how they see themselves, their lives & what they leave behind. The structure is created from hundreds of small cubes behind perspex. People’s creations are placed within a cube which becomes illuminated. Inside, people record an audio description of their artwork. The recording connects digitally, allowing people outside to listen via specially designed headpieces. A website archives the interactions as the piece tours.

Also, Wonderfolk, an installation in a mine for families (commissioned by bait – Creative People and Places in South East Northumberland) using digitally augmented lanterns. Green Man Festival have commissioned Mercurial Wrestler to create a playable experience working with researchers from academia on healing.

As a Producer, I have worked with Total Theatre, Activate, Inside Out, Falmouth University, Kaleider and Dartington.