Anne-Marie Culhane

Kaleider Resident

I create events, performances and long term projects that invite people into an active and enquiring relationship with each other and the land. I work as artist, activist and collaborator across a range of disciplines. I am fascinated by and constantly learning the arts of collaboration and co-production and learning how we can take greater care of this planet, ourselves and each other. My work takes place out in the world, occasionally in galleries, sometimes in museums.

Recent work includes residency commissions for CCANW (Soil Cultures Residency), Exeter University Arts & Culture Earthwalking in collaboration with Professor Tim Lenton (Chair of Climate Change/Earth System Science) and University of Bristol on a collaborative research project called Productive Margins. I have also worked with National Trust, Scottish Natural Heritage, Access Space (Sheffield), Encounters Arts and ArtsAdmin and exhibited at Bluecoat, Liverpool; National Media Museum (with Ruth Levene); Newlyn Gallery (Penzance); Castlefield Gallery (Manchester) and Plymouth Art Centre. Other Projects include Abundance (co-created with Stephen Watts), winner of Observer Ethical Award Grassroots Category, 2010 and Fruit Routes/Eat Your Campus – creating an edible campus at a university – working with the School of the Arts, the Sustainability Unit, students, staff and local people at Loughborough University (now in its 5th year). I am an associate artist with Encounters Arts and also work closely with Graphic Designer Jo Salter.

Last year in A Field of Wheat I grew a 22 acre field of wheat with a collective of 42 people from across the world. The project aimed to observe and question the complexities of wheat farming in this country and unravel its networks and impacts in a global context through different forms of creative enquiry and dialogue over the duration of the growing cycle of the wheat field. There is a detailed project website here.

This year I am working with people from St Thomas, Exwick and wider Exeter to create a 4km long fruit and foraging route in the Riverside Valley Park which runs through the city of Exeter. This project is supported by Exeter Wildlife Trust, Environment Agency, Exeter City Council and East Devon District Council.

I draw inspiration from the cycles of nature and seasons; permaculture (learning from natural systems); environmental and ecological concerns or questions and listening and responding to people, landscapes and particular sites (urban or rural). I am motivated to work with others to reduce the harm we are inflicting on our planet; to increase understanding our place in the family of things and to bring to life positive visions now and for the future. I offer training and mentoring and am teaching at Schumacher College in the Art of Invitation with Encounters Arts early in 2018.

I always aim to work closer to home and look forward to co-creating new projects in and around Exeter, Devon and the South West of England.  When I’m not working I’m walking, cycling or swimming in the nearest available water body.