Lunchtime Talk | Aidan Moesby | Are we in the weather or is the weather in us?


Visual artist, curator, writer and thinker, Aidan Moesby, will be at the Kaleider Studio to ask: Are we in the weather or is the weather in us?

Over the last year Moesby has been a resident at the Pervasive Media Studio, Watershed, Bristol, where he has been investigating digital technology to enhance his work. Moesby’s work is based around the dual crisis in mental health and climate change. He is interested in how we use the language of weather to describe how we feel: under the weather, a bit frosty, my head’s a bit foggy. We have our own internal psycho-emotional weather, which is as real as the daily external physical experience.

Moesby’s project, “I was naked, smelling of rain”, explores being present in the weather and the impact the weather has on wellbeing. He is working with a psychiatrist to examine the impact of the physical weather on our internal weather, drawing on research residencies, weather and forecasting history, and the cultural canon of weather in art, literature and film.

Moesby’s work is at the intersection of the visual arts, wellbeing and technology. The locations he occupies act as a ‘Live Laboratory’ to research, develop, test and make work. Discussions provide the core for the curation of public events, seminars and forums to specifically engage a non-art audience and explore the work in a wider context. This diversification and cross-pollination is integral to his overall practice.  He regularly participates in panel discussions, presents at conferences, guest lectures, trains and facilitates groups and discussions. Moesby has worked, exhibited and curated nationally and internationally working with partners such as Dundee Contemporary Arts, Newcastle University, NSUN, WIP: Stockholm, The Tetley, DASH, New Media Scotland, NHS24, ANAT, Watershed, Jadraas Art and The Sick of the Fringe.

Join Moesby for a conversation around technology, art and weather at Kaleider soon – Friday March 2nd 1pm