Lunchtime Talk | Katie Villa & David Lane | How Do We Know Who You Are? Exploding The Myers-Briggs Indicator

Katie and David have become mildly obsessed with making a piece of live performance in response to the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator), which across the last 70 years has persisted as a go-to tool for identifying one’s self within a limited selection of personality types. Its conception was sparked when a mother across a dinner table couldn’t quite work out how her daughter’s new boyfriend ticked. It was then applied to the women’s labour market in WWII and is now one of the most used and most criticised technologies of its kind, applied by global businesses and individuals alike to ask a vital question – who am I, and how do I best fit with these other people? This is Katie and David’s first direct collaboration and they want to use the talk to provoke you, one another, Myers Briggs skeptics and aficionados alike to ask why the hell it matters so much to codify who we are: and why global corporations still use a tool that would give even a serial killer a broadly positive set of personality references. Please join them for a quick-fire round of exploding Myers Briggs and then picking through the debris as they look to move forward with their idea.