Lunchtime Talk | Isabel Carlisle | The Nature of Culture: how do the arts reconnect us to being human now?

Human culture has from very earliest times arisen from the interactions of people with the natural world. Now, in this time of climate change and ecological break-down, the arts have the power to remind us that the essentials for life—water, soil, food, shelter and energy—arise from the natural world. The Bioregional Learning Centre for South Devon has come into being to tell a new story about citizens taking responsibility for local economies and ecologies. Our arts and design programme is in development and we invite you to share your perceptions of the constraints that culture finds itself in, and the creativity that we can call on to imagine a regenerative future. One that regenerates our culture as well as our ability to inhabit places well.

Photo: Daring to jump at the interface between land, sea and sky  

Photo Credit: Jane Brady