Lunchtime Talk | Clare Bryden | What does it mean to be Artist in Residence, literally in residence?

I’ve been playfully exploring my local area for a number of years, its history, geography, biodiversity, archaeology, and myth – some invented! In 2016, the Exeter City Council wards were reorganised, and I realised that my ward of St Loyes was a mish-mash of council housing, suburbia, industrial estate, business park and M5 services, and it has no heart. So I self-designated as St Loyes’ Artist in Residence, and during Art Week Exeter produced a safari concert in the local roads named after English composers. Now I’m putting together a programme with the…

VISION: Through art in its broadest sense to nurture a sense of place among residents and workers in St Loyes; and build community.

OBJECTIVES: Produce engaging art in St Loyes; increase access to experiencing and doing art; engage and be led by community; engage with nature and environment; have fun!

STRANDS: I’m hoping to produce a series of ongoing regular activities; community events and projects; undertake my own work; and commission other artists.

This is a shout-out to anyone with an interest in any aspect of place-based art and/or who lives in St Loyes.