Lunchtime Talk | Hannah Mumby | An Illustrated Journey into Personal Mythology


An Illustrated Journey into Personal Mythology: How can we communicate about things that have symbolic significance for us?

In this talk you will be invited to participate in some creative interactive activities which Hannah will lay out around the studio space at Kaleider. These will be experiments in capturing some of the symbolic stories you tell (to yourself and the world) about who you are, through things like significant recurring dreams, to jewellery that you wear or tattoos that you have. The activities will last for around 25 minutes and will be followed by a discussion, where Hannah will reveal what the purpose of the activity was. This will be an experiment that will help Hannah test out ideas for her Illustration MA project, as she reaches a stage where collaboration and communication are important. Hannah is also looking for participants for the project, even if you can’t make it to the talk, so if the description has peaked your interest, you can email her at

Hannah is an illustrator and practice-based researcher in the first year of her MA at Plymouth College of Art (she is also a Kaleider Resident). Join Hannah Friday April 6th at 1pm