Anne-Marie Culhane

I create events, performances and long term projects that invite people into an active and enquiring relationship with each other and the land. I work as artist, activist and collaborator across a range of disciplines.

I have recently worked on residency commissions for CCANW (Soil Cultures Residency) and Exeter University Arts & Culture in collaboration with Professor Tim Lenton (Chair of Climate Change/Earth System Science). I have also worked with National Trust, Scottish Natural Heritage, Access Space (Sheffield), Encounters Arts and ArtsAdmin and exhibited at Bluecoat, Liverpool; National Media Museum (with Ruth Levene); Newlyn Gallery (Penzance); Castlefield Gallery (Manchester) and Plymouth Art Centre. Other Projects include Abundance (co-created with Stephen Watts), winner of Observer Ethical Award Grassroots Category, 2010 and Eat Your Campus working with the School of the Arts & the Sustainability Unit at Loughborough University (now in its 5th year).

My current project in 2015-16 is A Field of Wheat, growing a 22 acre field of wheat with a collective of 42 people from across the world. The project aims to observe and question the complexities of wheat farming in this country and unravel its networks and impacts in a global context through different forms of creative enquiry and dialogue over the duration of the growing cycle of the wheat field.

I draw inspiration from the cycles of nature and seasons; permaculture (learning from natural systems); environmental and ecological concerns or questions and listening and responding to people, landscapes and particular sites (urban or rural). I am motivated to work with others to reduce the harm we are inflicting on our planet; to increase understanding our place in the family of things and to bring to life positive visions now and for the future. I always aim to work closer to home and look forward to co-creating new projects in and around Exeter, Devon and the South West.

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