Young Kaleider is more of an attitude than a single project. We’re striving to support and empower the potential of young people, help uncover their real interests and find ways to help them grow and shape skills as they become our cultural leaders of the future.

For us, young people often bring a fresh perspective into the room which feeds our work in all sorts of positive ways.

In Ancient Sunlight we worked with over 250 young people to co-author a book – reflecting on the oil age with artists. You can buy it in our shop. We were really pleased to work with 3 young people from Isca College on our research and development intensive for Ancient Sunlight back in 2013. It meant they got to work with 12 inspirational artists from around the UK and we got to work with them. Their input was invaluable and we’re pretty sure they got something out of it too.

You With Me was made with and for¬†undergraduate students from Exeter University before Kaleider was born. Then in 2012 we¬†worked with 20 young people from the Department of Drama to make it for Exeter. They were instrumental in its success and without them we simply wouldn’t have been able to make the show happen. Their experience on the show fed back into their academic studies and we hope will have a lasting effect on the ambition they have to make work as future artists.

And around 850 young people from South Dartmoor Community College have helped us realise our very first FanAnimations. They made the animations, testing our app, and then performed them!

We support Random Acts in Exeter. It’s a C4 and Arts Council initiative to get young people making art as film. It’s very exciting and we’ll be doing a new workshop for young people in September 2016. If you’re aged between 16 and 24 and want to make a film all you need is an idea…

We’ve played special versions of our hit show The Money with young people and we support the brilliant Macula Collective of young photographers.

We’ve got some young residents in the studio and we’d be keen to find more young people who might like to join. Information on becoming a resident (young or old) is here.

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