Tea Time Talks


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Kaleider hosts series of early evening talks throughout the year, by inspirational young people involved in art, culture, sport, technology, science and business.

The talks are designed for other like-minded people between 13-25 years old in and around Exeter. The young speakers have been chosen for their entrepreneurial spirit and ambition.

They will talk about their experiences, motivations and inspire discussion amongst the group. 

Spring Programme 2017

Starting Tuesday March 7th at 4pm

3 weeks of inspirational talks programmed by young people, for young people.

More information coming soon!

Autumn Programme 2015

Wednesday 7th October

The rewards and challenges of being an independent choreographer

Richard Chappell Dance (Contemporary Dance Choreographer)

“I will be discussing the research I’ve been developing to infuse contemporary dance, Capoeira and classical ballet with elements of task work and improvisation to create my own unique movement language.  I’ll then start a conversation about the rewards and difficulties of being a young artist.” Richard Chappell

Wednesday 14th October 

Becoming an Illustrator

Elisa Cunningham (Freelance Illustrator)

Elisa is a freelance illustrator working in Bristol at the Drawn in Bristol studio and at the Hullo Creative studio. Graduating in 2013 from Falmouth University, Elisa’s clients include The National Trust, The Green Party, London Transport Museum, STEW Magazine, Christian Aid, Premier Christianity, Hullo Creative, Wildside Experience, Briggs&Co, Rabbit&Hare, Cornish Pizza Company, Cornish Foodie Diary, Volver.

Wednesday 21st October

Dream It then Do It – Making Your Own Opportunities and Mistakes in The Arts

Tom Coleman (Photographer with Macula Collective and Editor of Young Shot)

“I will be discussing the involvement and management of contemporary photography collectives in the South West of England and further afield – with a broader focus on growing an idea and seeing it to completion.  Starting with a vague thought and being able to bring a group of people together to make it happen – especially how this is possible with minimal qualifications, a little bit of elbow grease and lots of learning from mistakes.” Tom Coleman 

Contact Details

Contact – Jocelyn Spencer-Mills (Studio Producer)

Email – jocelyn@kaleider.com

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