A fun, human animation project for very large seated groups, such as in a stadium, at a conference or in a school.

The Project & Context

Fananimate was designed as a stadium art project. It is about individual responsibilities combining to make an incredible live event involving thousands, filmed and broadcast to television audiences and across the Internet. It is the embodiment of Kaleider’s driving question “what can we do together that we cannot do apart?” And it is really fun.

Fananimate is like a human version of the lights next to each seat in the London Olympic Stadium. The peril of not playing your part to make the fananimation work adds to the fun and, of course, you are rewarded with the huge sense of collective achievement when it goes right.

Fananimate has three stages

1. Animations (“fananimations”) are crowd sourced through a user-friendly app.

2. Selected animations are re-played live using black cards held up and flipped to yellow at the appropriate moment by fans in a stadium, young people in a school, or delegates at a conference, each participant becoming the equivalent of a pixel, thus creating the animation live.

3. The live animation is then recorded and broadcast to television and/or filmed for internet audiences worldwide.

Project Development

We have created a prototype web-app where animations can be created by anyone. It is very simple to use, child friendly and really fun for adults too.

We have run two test events at South Dartmoor Community College with 800 young people to create animations and then record them playing the animations live at the school.

We are currently seeking investment to make a “public ready” app. We want to develop the app so that users will be able to see others’ animations and vote for them, or download them and build on them, creating a branch where the historic authorship stays with that animation, thus creating a global social animation platform. We would like to create a payment system whereby people pay a micro cost (possibly in-app) to submit their animation for consideration – this will drive up the quality of submissions and create a revenue stream.

Touring Information

We are looking for partners interested in working with us in these early stages of project development. We are seeking UK and international programmers interested in programming an event in an auditorium, school or stadia.

You can download the project pack here.

Fees: Costs available on application and are dependant on context.

Contact Details

Contact for more information: Katie Keeler (Senior Producer)


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